Saturday, February 21, 2009

Text size increases - you know you have it right when...

You know you have it right when....

You may have seen sites with text that increases in size to show what keywords search is most popular.

This works so well that you just need to glance at it and you get it.

This example of usability at its best is so powerful that I have noticed something interesting. People have started to use weighted text in emails and forums to attract attention to important points they want to make.

I myself have taken the idea, which clearly shows the most popular hits and adapted it to use in email where I am addressing a group and need specific people to pay attention to certain parts of the email.

In this case I use the 'bigger is more important principle'. In a simple case I might just bold and make larger names of people that are being addressed.

For fun here is a made up, simple example:

Everyone lets meet for pizza at 9:00pm at our favorite place 'real good real cheap Pizza'.

Sue make sure to bring the cards so we can play a' quick really fun game'.

Wee/Anil make sure to bring the pencils and score pads.


Anyway you get the idea the larger font makes it easy to spot different people. In a large complex email with lots of text everyone can read everything or just the parts that affect them.

Additionally, this style lets everyone know who is being addressed using only text.

So has anyone else started using a style similar to this?

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